Matrix 320 5MP: the next step beyond intralogistics traceability

The new 2D Imager that brilliantly tackles traceability applications in Distribution, 3PL, Retail Logistics, and Shop Floors

The new Matrix™ 320 5MP extends the Matrix 320 series leadership. Built on a multicore platform with hardware acceleration and HDR capability, the Matrix 320 5MP has the ideal technology for top performance in challenging applications: high performing C-Mount lenses, smart illuminators, and a 5MP sensor. Together they provide the highest reading performance for a stationary barcode scanner over a wider application area with impressive Field of View (FoV) to read multiple labels or codes with a single reader. The Matrix 320 5MP has all of these features and a high intrinsic Depth of Field (DoF), independent from focus selection. In addition to the Very High Power illuminator (VHP) with 36 LEDs, the Matrix 320 5MP offers a new Ultra High Power illuminator (UHP) with 72 LEDs for applications with high demanding speed, distance and DOF. Users will get higher productivity and an amazingly fast Return on Investment.

Matrix 320 2MP: Empower Your Traceability Applications

The most innovative sensor available on the market

A 2MP sensor (1920 × 1080 pixels) in a 16:9 form factor delivers the horizontal Field of View (FOV) and performance of a 3MP sensor. Built on a Multicore platform, the sensor delivers an unrivalled reading speed for the most challenging applications in the packaging industry. Reading damaged labels or codes, and strong DPM reading performance makes this fixed mount barcode scanner the perfect solution for a multitude of applications. Its compact form factor allows for mounting almost anywhere, including many operations where handheld scanners are traditionally used.

Empower Your Operation

All the Matrix 320 series models have the new built-in Time of Flight and orientation sensors, offering the best user experience to maximize production throughput

An embedded distance sensor with Time of Flight (ToF) technology automatically detects reading distance to dynamically optimize the photometric settings, ensuring ideal scanning performance. The orientation sensor allows easy positioning of the fixed industrial scanner at installation and saves its position in permanent memory. Automatic detection of unwanted product orientation change immediately warns the operator, minimizing production stops. In case of replacement, saved position data can be easily restored on the new device for quick and safe maintenance.

Empower Your Traceability Applications

The Matrix 320 series confirms its industry leadership with both Liquid Lens and C-Mount solutions

Matrix 320 2MP offer the Liquid Lens (LQL) models with three optical options: 6mm, 9mm and 16mm for wide, medium and narrow viewing angles. The LQL models have the electronic focus adjustment for extreme reading flexibility. It is simple to remotely change focus in changing the production batch without the need to open or touch the stationary industrial scanner. Remote focus on LQL lends itself well when multiple images of the same object are required at different focal distances.
The Matrix 320 2MP and 5MP models offer the ability to use the high-quality C-Mount lenses from Datalogic and any C-Mount compatible lenses or third-party vendors. With these additions, users get the highest flexibility for solving the toughest application challenges in the barcode scanner configuration.

Empower Your Applications

Fulfill all your needs with unlimited configurations

Customize the Matrix 320 Series to your exact needs, with an extended portfolio of lenses, lighting, filters, and accessories for the barcode scanner configuration. Being modular, you can easily set the reader to solve the vast majority of vertical applications. Lighting color and intensity are easily selectable based on the code type, material that the code is on, and the color of the material. However, if you prefer a simple plug and play solution, you can purchase a ready-assembled, fully functional stationary barcode scanner solution for use straight out of the box. The combination of these attributes gives rise to easy stock management and overall reduced total cost of ownership for end users, partners, and machine builders alike.

Empower Your Installation

Everyone can install, configure, and operate ease of installation, configuration, and maintenance shrink reducing the Total Cost of Ownership

The Matrix 320 Series, like the other Matrix readers, comes with a wide range of mounting brackets, rotating connectors and wiring options to cater to all types of installation.With Plug and Play setup that reduces installation time, the Matrix 320 Series uses the liquid lenses (LQD) technology that has electronic focus adjustment for extreme reading flexibility in stationary barcode scanners. The Matrix 320 Series also provides a 360º multi-color simple and easy visual status feedback, whether the camera is in configuration mode (blue), or whether or not a read has been successful (green) or not (red).

Empower Your Safety

Meet the demands for challenging times

The Matrix 320 Series has the unique benefit that it can be used by operators as a fixed mount barcode scanner in place of traditional handheld scanners in eCommerce and intralogistics applications. Growing demands for hygiene and safety in the workplace can be met as operators do not need to maintain scanner cleanliness and concentrate instead on other activities while utilizing a fixed industrial scanner with the Matrix 320 to read fast moving barcodes at high speeds. Simple aiming systems, with cross projection and new grid pattern aiming, project read feedback on the reading area that is easy to see, improving manual snappiness. The new embedded Time of Flight provides a simple way to set distance limits to eliminate unintended scans in hands-free applications. When using illuminator continuous high-power mode, flicker free illumination is safe for the workers’ eyes. The increased hygiene and contamination control and the hands-free operation of the Matrix 320 Series leads to greater line efficiencies and higher throughput across a variety of industries and applications.

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